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Nathan Heinze is a house music and synthpop producer from Miami. His music is similar to that of the Pet Shop Boys and New Order.

In the early 2000s, Heinze produced several eurodance and tribal tracks, but later work showed an electro and progressive house influence. His song "At the Disco" charted at #6 on[1] After the success of "At the Disco", he began collaborating with Miami DJ VButterfly.[2] The most notable tracks the two released were a dance cover of "Lovesong" by The Cure, and "Stupid Prick", a minor hit released by Decibel Records NYC.[3] Heinze also worked with singer Vanessa Valentin on two tracks, "Maldita Condena" and "I'm Leavin".[4]


In 2007, he wrote and produced two tracks for the European charity album Philanthropy, and also remixed two other songs from the album ("Fanatic Boy" by KooLTURE and "Rumor" by Ray Grant).[5] In 2007, Heinze also remixed KooLTURE's hit "Stupid Superstar".[6]

In 2008, he completed two remixes of the West End Girls' first single from their album Shoplifting. The track is entitled "What Have I Done to Deserve This?" and is a cover of the 1987 Pet Shop Boys hit. Heinze's remixes appear on the CD single (released by EMI), along with a radio mix and an instrumental mix.[7] 


In November 2008, ISV Entertainment released Heinze's version of "It Doesn't Often Snow at Christmas" sung by West End Girls and found on the "Super Dance Christmas Party" release.[8]

Heinze continues to release records on DJ International and Decibel Records NYC and has remixed numerous label artists.

In 2017 he returned with a club remix of Milan's Miracles (Take my Heart) and a radio mix of Kids on Bridges single Something in the Water, and worked with Sterling Void on new tracks for Defected Records and Stereocity.

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