>Nathan has remixed the West End Girls' new single What Have I Done to Deserve This? The single is available on itunes and CD single from EMI. You can hear Nathan's electro and club mixes on the player on the song clips page...

>Nathan has written the music for a new track called Drama Queen, and has recorded it for appearance on Europe's annual Philanthropy charity album. He has also remixed the album's first single, Fanatic Boy (listen to it on the song clips page).

>Check out Nathan's MySpace page! Rate songs, hear new mixes, view photos, and leave comments...

>Nathan has recently completed a remix of KoolTURE's Stupid SuperStar. You can hear it in the song clips section or on Nathan's MySpace page...


>The Way U Move was Internet DJ's staff pick of the month. Hundreds of new tracks from around the world are submitted each month, and only three are chosen as staff picks. You can download it here!

>Stupid Prick, featuring VButterfly, has been released by Decibel Records. The Undah-dub has just finished a tribal remix, and Nathan has completed two. There are two other mixes available, all at beatport. Nathan has also finished a remix of Don Davenport's Strut, also available on beatport. Simply enter "Nathan Heinze" under search for artists, to listen to and download the tracks.

>Check out Nathan's circuit mix of future Warner Brothers release Maldita Condena at Vanessa Valentin's site.

You can download his latest releases here!

Nathan's remix of Pet Shop Boys NUMB!


Nathan Heinze is a writer/producer specializing in electro house and pop. His songs are characterized by funky synths and basslines set to bold hooks and catchy melodies. Nathan's tracks have made their way onto dance floors and radio playlists in the United States, Latin America, and Europe.

Besides his solo work, Nathan also produces songs for other artists and has collaborated on a number of projects, most recently with West End Girls on the Pet Shop Boys covers What Have I done to Deserve This and It Doesn't Often Snow at Christmas. Former collaborations include VButterfly and Vanessa Valentin along with rappers Napoleon and Greg Hall and a number of house artists on the Decibel NYC label. Nathan has also remixed a number of tracks for the synth pop legend Koolture.